Tommyinnit Cosplay Tutorial

Recently, I created a bunch of different cosplays from the Dream SMP, which is a role-playing Minecraft server with an immersive storyline, compelling plot, and a ton of great characters to dress up as! One of these characters was Tommyinnit, whom I covered briefly in a different blog post, but decided to go more into detail here! So, without further ado, here is my Tommyinnit cosplay tutorial and music disks walkthrough!

Tommy is a loud, exuberant character with a lot of passion and drive, and he was a lot of fun to cosplay! One of the things that is very important to his character are his two music disks, Cat and Mellohi, and so naturally I had to make those as well! Let’s begin with how I made those.

Music Disks

First off, for the two disks, I went to a thrift store, and picked up two super cheap records. It didn’t really matter what they would play, because I just needed the disks, not the music. Once I had the two disks, I started by painting a layer of Modge Podge over the colored, center part of both disks. I let that side dry, then painted over the colored parts on the other side of the disks as well.

Next was the actual color. For this, I used acrylic paint that I mixed to the correct shade. The green disk was easy — just lots of layers of green acrylic paint, on both sides. The only tricky part was making sure to stay in the center circle, and not paint outside it at all. This could have been fixed with painters tape, but I have bad luck with painters tape (and it seemed really annoying to lay it down in a perfect circle), so I just painted without it. 

Once the green acrylic paint was dry on both sides, I mixed a slightly darker shade, and dry-brushed it onto the center part of the disk. This added some shading, and more realism. To finish it off, I painted on one last layer of Modge Podge, this time in a satin finish, to protect the paint job.

Second Disk

Then I needed to make the second disk! For this one, I started out by adding several layers of purple paint. Once that was dry, I cut painters tape into thin strips, and laid it over the purple. I then painted over the purple with white, creating the striped effect on the actual disk. Once the white was dry, I peeled off the painters tape, and added a few touch-ups to make sure everything looked good. 

Just like for the first disk, I wanted to add some shading to make it more realistic. For this disk, I dry-brushed on some purple acrylic. Then I finished off with one final layer of satin Modge Podge. And with that, the two disks were done!

A lot of the paint and Modge Podge for the disks was generously provided by Plaid, for which I thank them!

Shoulder Armor

After completing the two disks, I needed to make the rest of the cosplay! One of the actual costume parts I made first was the shoulder armor (originally for a different cosplay). It’s made out of layers of 2mm EVA foam, which I patterned, traced onto foam, and then cut out. On the actual armor pieces, I used the Enderman language to add some details (yes I do know Enderman, yes it is an utterly useless skill), using a craft knife to cut into the foam partway, and then heating it up to make the details expand. I then used metal brads to attach all the pieces together. Finally, I glued the top piece onto a shoulder strap, which attaches around my body with velcro.

For an easy pattern for the shoulder armor, here’s a link!

I primed all the individual pieces with flexbond, and then painted over them with black satin acrylic paint from Plaid. When it was done, I think it looked pretty good! It adds a lot to the cosplay.

Cosplay, Wig, & Makeup

Once I finished making that, I had to actually assemble the rest of the costume. Most of the actual outfit was thrifted, or things I already had. The top is a layered long-sleeved white shirt, and a short-sleeved red one on top of it. The trousers are just regular blue jeans, and I used some black tennis shoes I already had as well. As a bit of a finishing touch, I added a white bandana around my neck.

The wig was just a straight blond wig with bangs, which I just added a bit of styling to. The makeup was a lot of fun to do, especially experimenting with the bandaid and heavy blush across my nose and cheeks. For the eyes, I did some thin winged eyeliner, and added some blue eyeshadow on the inside corners of my eyes to make them look bluer. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the makeup turned out!

Photoshoot & Final Thoughts

For the photoshoot, I set up my tripod and studio lights in my bedroom, and took pictures against a blank white wall. Afterwards, I did some light editing using apps on my iPad, for which I have a tutorial for here!

And with that, the cosplay was done! It was a super quick, easy costume to bring to life, and I’m pretty happy with it! If you want to see more of the Dream SMP cosplays I’ve made, I have a full Youtube video for 11 of the different cosplays I’ve made from it. 

I hope you found this cosplay tutorial helpful! If you decide to make your own Tommyinnit cosplay, I wish you luck!

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