I Cosplayed Foolish Gamers from Dream SMP!

I’ve been cosplaying a lot from the Dream SMP fandom recently, but most of my cosplays have been largely thrifted. And while I do love doing more casual cosplays like that, I wanted to make one that was more from scratch. So to do that, I decided to make a Foolish cosplay! 

Most of this cosplay was made entirely by me, and I loved both making it, and seeing the finished result! It was a lot of fun to make.

So, what even is this cosplay? And how did I make it? Well, I’ll tell you!

Foolish Cosplay

Foolish Gamers is a character from the Dream SMP, which is a Minecraft roleplaying server. Because of that, his character’s design was pretty simplistic, so I had to take a lot of liberties for the design.

I went heavy on an ancient Egyptian theme for this, since Foolish has a ‘summer home’ that is themed the same way. In addition, I used the golden ‘totem of undying’ features of his Minecraft skin, as well as the weird shark hood thing.

What I ended up with was a mix of golden, ancient Egyptian-style armor, a shark head hood and shark tail skirt, and the totem of undying theme sprinkled throughout. In all honestly, it’s a weird skin, but I love how the design turned out!

Now it was time to actually make it!


I started with the bracers! I decided to make them out of EVA foam, first drawing out a pattern from one of my pre-made bracer patterns (which you can get here!), and making some adjustments to it. Then, I traced it onto 4mm EVA foam, cut the pieces out, and glued them together. Then I added details by scoring the base foam, layering more foam on top, and using 3D puffy paint! 

I created an attachment with Velcro, primed the surface with Flexbond from Coscom Cosplay Supplies, and painted and weathered it with acrylic paint. And then the bracers were done! Pretty easy to put together.


One of the most fun parts of this cosplay to make was the ancient Egyptian-style collar! I patterned it by sketching on and cutting out paper, then holding it up to myself until it looked right. I then built the base out of 6mm EVA foam, using contact cement to connect the pieces together.

To add all the details, I cut and scored the foam using a boxcutter knife, and heated to open up all the details. I also cut and glued on 2mm EVA foam to add more dimension. I also used a ton of 3D puffy paint on it, which is GREAT for adding details to foam!

The collar opens at the back, and uses Velcro to stay shut. Super easy to get on and off.

Then, just like for the bracers, I primed it with Flexbond, and painted it with acrylic paint. This foam piece was a lot of fun to make, and I love how it turned out!

Headpiece & Belt

The final two pieces I needed to make were the headpiece and belt! I patterned them both the same way I did the rest of the foam pieces — sketching designs on paper, and adjusting them until they looked how I wanted them to.

The headpiece is just 2mm EVA foam with details scored into it, then primed and painted a solid gold. It attached to my head just with some bobby pins.

The belt has the same types of details as the rest of the armor, using 3D puffy paint and layers of foam, and it has a green and a blue gem in the middle. It attaches using a small piece of Velcro at the back.

With that, all of the foam pieces were done, and it was time to make the sewn portions of the cosplay!


The trousers for this cosplay were super easy! I thrifted some dark blue pants with a fishnet pattern on them, and then sketched on detail ideas with chalk.

Then, using gold 3D puffy paint, I drew on a ton of details! I did some along the waistband and bottom hems, and then along the front of the trousers themselves. I let it dry, and voila! The trousers were done. 

Hooded Cape

Foolish’s Minecraft skin has a sort of… shark hood thing, and so I wanted to incorporate that into my own Foolish cosplay design! Using the cape from my Scarlet Witch cosplay as a base, I created a shoulder-length, hooded cape. It was made out of dark blue fabric lined with light blue, that I originally had bought for a different cosplay. 

To add details to it, I drew on lots of swirly things along the trim using 3D puffy paint. I also crafted little shark eyes using 3D paint, and shark teeth using white craft foam cut into triangles, and attached to the hood with hot glue.

The cape was actually pretty easy to make, and it turned out pretty well! Adding a lining wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, either.


The half-skirt I made was modeled after a shark tail, larger at the top, then narrowing and splitting at the bottom, like fins. It’s just two layers of fabric sewn together with a seam in the middle, then a lot of 3D puffy paint on top.

It attaches to the belt I made with Velcro, for an easy attachment. 

Since this fabric wrinkles SO easily, I also had to iron it to smooth everything out. Always iron your work, kids! Unless you don’t! Sometimes I don’t! It looks way better if you do, but sometimes I am LAZY.


One of the last parts I had to make for my Foolish cosplay was the top. I messed around some with draping fabric on my mannequin, and ended up with a two-part top! One larger rectangle of fabric wraps around my neck and chest, and ties in the back. A smaller rectangle of fabric wraps around in front of my stomach, and ties in the back as well.

I tried for something way more complicated at first, but I was short on time, and I actually really like how it turned out! 

To make the top, I just folded over the rectangles of fabric, sewed along all the edges, then turned them right side out. I did not end up ironing these. But since they overlapped and wrinkled so much when they were tied, it didn’t end up mattering.

I definitely recommend this as a super easy top for someone who needs a fantasy shirt! Underneath it, all I did was wear a super simple black t-shirt.

Final Result

The last thing I had to do was the makeup! I had a lot of fun with this, and I go more into depth in the second making-of video I have for this cosplay. Essentially, I did a basic face of makeup, then used pencil eyeliner and gold and brown eyeshadow to make super sharp, statue-like contour lines. Then I did pretty heavy sparkly green eyeshadow as well.

Then it was done! Here is the final look for the cosplay! I’m so so happy with how it turned out. I had a lot of fun making it, and it was a great last cosplay of 2021!

I can’t wait to make more cosplays like this in the future!

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