Genderbent Dream


More about this cosplay:

In fall of 2021, I started watching Dream SMP, and I got VERY obsessed. I really wanted to cosplay from it, and I started with Dream, who’s… kind of the bad guy? Depends on how you look at it, haha! Anyway, I really like him.

I was sponsored by Worbla to create my Dream cosplay, and they generously provided the Worbla’s Black Art I used to create his two masks. I created a full tutorial for how to make them, along with patterns!

This cosplay seems pretty simple, but it took me a while to find everything I needed for it, and the masks took a few days to create as well. I didn’t end up doing a proper shoot for him until a few days after I had finished, during the week where I made a ton of other Dream SMP cosplays.