Wonder Woman (Original Design)

Wonder Woman Cosplay


My Wonder Woman cosplay was intended to be worn at FanX SLC, in fall of 2020 – but due to obvious reasons, that convention was cancelled. I was kind of disappointed about that, but at least I was still able to get some great pictures of it! Including (a few years later) some on a beach, which was a dream of mine for a long time.

This cosplay was an original design created by me, over a period of quite a while, while the actual construction took me around 3 months.

It’s primarily made out of EVA foam, including the headpiece and skirt! It includes a ton of layers and small details, which I really love about this cosplay!


· Breastplate base pattern

· Bracers base pattern

· (FREE!) Cosplay walkthrough

· (FREE!) Cosplay beach shoot BTS