lady loki

Hi there!

I’m Emiline, AKA Winterstar Cosplay, and I’m a cosplayer, creator, and entrepreneur. I both love to made cool things, and help other people make cool things!

I’ve been cosplaying since early 2018, and since then I have created dozens of different costumes, including many that have been a part of contests and sponsorships.

I always love to learn new things, and help teach other people what I’ve learned, especially in cosplay. I teach panels at conventions, run a cosplay shop with helpful patterns and templates, and have created dozens of tutorials through my blog and Youtube channel.

I have guested, taught, and competed at many different conventions, and I would love to participate in your event, as a cosplayer, guest, or panelist! Reach out to me through the email winterstarcosplayer@gmail.com if you want to have me at your event!

If you want to gain access to a ton of free resources to help you with your cosplays, as well as get helpful cosplay newsletters, then sign up for my email list! You get a ton of great stuff out of it, and I promise never to disclose your email to anyone else – it’s only used to I can send you neat emails. Use this link to join the club!

Upcoming Events

No current upcoming events

If you want to see me at your event, contact your con and ask for me to come! Or, if you run an event and would like to see me there, reach out to me at winterstarcosplayer@gmail.com!