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Emiline, AKA Winterstar Cosplay, is a cosplayer, artist, and content creator based in the western USA. She started cosplaying in 2018, and specializes in foam-smithing and budget cosplays, though is well-versed in most other areas of cosplay as well, including sewing, makeup, photography, and more.

Emiline has won cosplay contest awards from various conventions, including Nottacon and BizBaz@Home, later returning to commentate for BizBaz’s cosplay contest as well. She has also attended as a featured cosplayer for multiple conventions over the years, including FanX 2022 and Suki Con 3.0.

The main idea that Emiline strives to show through all her cosplay work is that ANYONE can cosplay, regardless of age, budget, gender, race, or skill level. She has written and published the ebook ‘Cosplay on a Budget’ to further promote the idea of low-cost cosplay.

In recent years, Emiline has spent a great deal of her time teaching others to cosplay, with resources like online courses, tutorials, videos, sponsorships, and convention panels. She considers teaching others, and being able to see their finished costume results, one of the best things about cosplay.

As an artist, she primarily creates aesthetic merch and art pieces for nerdy people, and shares her work through social media and at comic cons.

She is currently studying Visual Communication and Illustration at her university.

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